Tile Definitions

Full Body or Through-Body Porcelain Tile

Full Body porcelain tile means that the tile’s color and texture is uniform throughout the tile, not just along the surface. Full Body porcelain tile is extremely strong, durable and able to withstand freezing temperatures. It is the strongest type of tile. Unless they have a polished finish, these tiles are slip resistant, scratch and chip resistant which makes them ideal for commercial locations. The color won’t fade and if a tile does chip, the color is the same underneath, making the chip less noticeable. These tiles can also be installed in homes as flooring, on walls and in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Double Loaded Porcelain Tile

This type of tiles has a different face and body. Double loaded porcelain is manufactured with two layers of porcelain pressed together and then fired. The top layer is pressed to the base porcelain layer under high pressure and makes a thick layer of design on top of it. This top layer is comprised of porcelain clays randomly infused with various color pigments that create an infinite range of color combinations and patterns emulating that of natural stones. This bonded porcelain is then fired. As a result of pressing together two colors on the tiles bisque such design layer becomes 3 to 4 mm thicker which makes double loaded tiles very hard and durable, ideal for heavy traffic commercial projects.

Soluble Salt

It is an older and cheaper technology and is meant for tiles placed in low traffic areas. In this process, the yet unfired tile body is given a liquid color screen-printing to create the design on the tile. It is called Soluble Salt Technology because soluble salt is used for giving the tile a particular pattern and color. With this technology 2 – 2.7 mm print are

penetrated into the tile. Once the tiles have been fired and polished in order to create a glossy surface, approximately 0.7 mm of the soluble print is shaved off, leaving a total print penetration of only 1 to 2 mm. This is the reason why the SS tiles do not possess same resistance and durability characteristics as, for example, the Double Loaded porcelain tiles.

Polished Porcelains